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Making Your World A Quieter Place

acoustic solutions with effective design


Less Noise. More Design.

At Silhouette Systems we work with a large range of clients to bring quiet back into any area through creative acoustic solutions. Our acoustic applications have been proved and tested to reduce noise inside and out. The clever combination of acoustic solutions using acoustic felt, timber panelling, moss walls, and plant walls means you can make any space quieter and look amazing.

Acoustic Felt

Excelling in noise control, acoustic felt panelling systems are the answer to quieter spaces with a creative touch. Our Felt acoustic solutions come in a variety of designs, with the option for customised printing too.

Timber Panelling

Noise control with architectural flair. The use of timber panelling absorbs and distributes noise vibration and prevents echoing in large spaces. Ideal for both internal and external applications, our Timber Panelling options will lead you to a quieter world.

Moss Walls

Moss Walls have been tested and proven as an acoustic solution for many indoor spaces. Its high NRC rating acts to absorb and control noise; and the ability to customise your Moss Wall with colour and design adds creative vibe to any space.

Plant Walls

Plant walls are a creative acoustic solution for noise disturbance, both indoors and out. Plant walls are a dynamic option that provides many benefits for health, airflow and vitality, along with its unique properties for sound control.


From our head office in Sydney we provide acoustic solutions to Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and anywhere in between.

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