Acoustic Felt

The world is changing and acoustic felt with it. In highly populated business environments, libraries, halls and the like, we see the greater the interaction and collaboration, the greater the noise. And noise makes it hard to concentrate. Good news is we have a solution that allows people to play, work and engage as normal. Felt Panelling is the answer to acoustic noise solutions with your say in design. Discover a quieter space with Acoustic Felt Panelling.

Acoustic felt in a school gym.

Acoustic Felt in your space

No matter the space or application, Felt is the perfect choice for sound control with designer elements too. Hospitals, Schools, Theatres, Halls, Airports are all areas that benefit from Acoustic treatment. Choose from a wide range of colours, sizes and even customised felt printing to satisfy your ears with less noise, and eyes with unique designs.

Acoustic felt in a recording studio.

How it works

The rigid Felt panels have strong acoustic properties with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NR) of 0.45. Acoustic Felt Products come in a variety of aesthetics. Our team will work with your requirements to provide the correct felt acoustic specification, whilst also addressing your design brief for a perfectly finished project.

Acoustic felt in an auditorium.

Noise Control with Unique Design

Acoustic Felt Panelling offers a stylish, customisable solution to acoustic issues. The functional properties combined with stylish designs, make it a perfect option for noise prone areas. We use a proven product, ‘Acoufelt Panel’ (, supplied and installed by SMI National Pty Ltd to ensure our clients are provided with an above-industry standard experience and result.

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