Moss Walls

When it comes noise control and design, our Moss Walls give you everything. Moss Art is a creative, versatile and unique way to transform your home or office with colour.  Its unique properties reduce noise and sterilise the air to make your world better.  And at Silhouette Systems, we welcome you to that world.

Moss walls in the office.

Where you can use Moss Walls.

Our Moss Walls are use live preserved moss which performs exceptionally well in lowering decibel levels of many internal spaces. Moss Walls are becoming an industry trend for Music Halls, Hospitals, Offices and public spaces – any area with high acoustic disruption and a quest for creativity.

Decorative moss walls.

Get Creative

The unique feature of our Moss Walls are such that maintenance is not needed. Our Walls are highly customisable. Whether you choose to design your company logo, or play with abstract style; the huge range of colours gives endless options for your space.

Once installed, your Moss creation serves it purpose as an acoustic solution with natural beauty, creating smiles from ear to ear.

Making Spaces Quieter

The Live Moss properties excel in toning down unwanted high frequency sounds, and calms the overall atmosphere. The live moss used at Silhouette Systems has been tested and gives a sound absorption coefficient at a maximum NRC 0.96a @ 500mhz.ns.

Lichens used in moss walls.

Combined benefits of Moss Walls

  • Energy Saving: Due to its low thermal conductivity, moss walls also excel in energy saving. Not only do you benefit from noise reduction, but energy conservation is also inadvertently addressed.
  • Condensation Neutral: Properties of our moss wall products do not alter in varying temperatures which makes condensation issues a thing of the past.
  • Fire Safety: Live Moss has low thermal conductivity, which make it an ignition proof product that has been tested in fire safety.
  • Air Purification: Live moss has unique air cleansing properties that naturally remove odours from the surrounding atmosphere. Its deodorising performance was tested to show 88% odour removal rate within 30 mins of exposure to unpurified air, naturally freeing your area from air pollutants.
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