Our Mission

To make your world quiet with creative noise control and acoustic solutions.

We’re here to make noise control fun, and our broad product range does exactly that – opening your eyes and ears to a new world of quiet with functional noise control designs and aesthetic appeal.

Our Service

Noise control drastically improves the way we work, play and socialise. Silhouette Systems offers a combination of acoustic solutions from Acoustic Felt and Timber Panelling to Moss Walls and Plant Walls & Canvas, with specialised product selection to deliver performance and design in your space. We work closely with your requirements to develop creative noise control solutions that are both functional and fun. From there, we facilitate the product sourcing, acoustic installation and project completion to make it easy. One contact, One company, One acoustic control solution – at Silhouette Systems, that’s what we stand for.

Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Unique Design
  • Loyalty
  • Performance & On-Time Delivery
  • Creativity

At Silhouette Systems, our team really believes in making a difference with our functional and creative acoustic control solutions. In a world that is becoming highly populated and trending towards open plan spaces, noise is an ever-increasing problem. At Silhouette Systems, we are committed as a team to providing creative acoustic solutions that make your world a quieter, more beautiful place.

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