Timber Panelling

The use of timber panelling absorbs and distributes noise vibration and prevents echoing in large spaces. Ideal for both internal and external applications, our Timber Blade options provide a dynamic acoustic solution addressing noise with architectural flair. We’ll lead you to a quieter world with timber blade solutions. High noise control rating and ability to customise design and application brings a quieter world to every ear.

Timber panelling in a lift foyer.

Transforming with Timber

When it comes to sound solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces, timber panelling exceeds the mark. Its fresh appearance gives architectural style, and its weather-hardy properties ensure longevity in noise control.

Timber panelling in the ceiling.

How Timber works in your space

Used alongside acoustic insulation and other specific applications, Silhouette Systems uses timber blade solutions that have been proven to achieve Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) results as high as 0.9.

Our timber blade solutions are a low transmitter of heat and sound, which makes them an ideal option for any area. Not only does the structure create smart, clean aesthetic but each timber slat serves a purpose for acoustic control and noise reduction.

Beautiful timber panelling.

Combining design with Technical specification

Acoustic timber slatted walls not only add style but functionality. By allowing noise to flow between and behind the structure, the noise frequency is reduced rather than echoing around the room. For seamless acoustic control and certainty, we use quality products, supplied and installed by SMI National Pty Ltd. With its known noise inhibiting properties, our Timber blade acoustic solutions can be counted on to deliver more productive and comfortable work spaces with controlled noise.

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